When the song comes on
When I hear them say
Everything stops
Everything changes
There’s nothing special now
It’s nothing profound
But something about the way it sounds
When the melody ends
And the rhythm kicks in
It knows where I’m at
And it knows where I’ve been

“This is that” – David Byrne


At the end of each month you can find the best tracks – right here.

The A-list being the 20 best songs of that perticular month. The B-list, yes – you guessed it – another 20 great songs from this month.


The A-list:


This month feb 18 a




Just can´t get enough? – Like the guys from Basildon – you can also tune into the B-list:



This month feb 18 b



Still here?

Then check out new additions to My Danish Collection.

A round and about of new Danish music.


my danish collection 2018


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