September – Are you listening?

Now then
Look here, what you need to understand is
If you wanna make some decent money from it
You’d better off kicking
That dickhead singer you’ve got in out the band
And getting yourself a gig down The Grand
I know the landlord Fat Andy
And I bet he’d be up for giving you a leg up
If you just give him a hand
Just don’t be doing originals
Play the standards
And don’t get political
I know what that dickhead singers like
He’ll end up in the back of an ambulance
With the mic stand rammed up his arse
Twice over
All ’cause he couldn’t ignore the flag and be polite
Show some respect and listen to my advice
Because if you don’t challenge me on anything
You’ll find I’m actually very nice
Are you listening?
I’m actually very fucking nice

Yard Act “The Overload”

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