Danish PR agent, Jenni Jet, owner of jenni jet PR. An Agency specialising in brands with history & Music PR has in the wake of the current situation contacted 30 Danish artists. Each have picked 3 songs. Making up an alterbative playlist to showcase Danish artists. Please listen and share. Buy the albums – support the artists.

Illustration: Jenz Koudahl

This post contains 3 playlists

– 20 tracks curated by m90 based on the “Red” MUSIKSIND playlist

– The “red” playlist – 30 artist have suggested 3 tracks – 90 Danish tracks

-The “black” playlist – 30 tracks from the 30 artists supporting MUSIKSIND – created by: Jenni Jet


This playlist is curated by 30 amazing Danish artist who kindly have suggested 3 other Danish acts to the list. The whole idea with this playlist is to support Danish music. So listen and share.

Created by: Jenni Jet – This playholds holds music from 30 amazing Danish artists who all have supported the MUSIKSIND “”red” playlist.

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