There is no fire in your glass eye
There is no feeling when you’re done
And one day you will find out
What kind of monster you’ve become

The Gun Club “The House on Highland Avenue”

News on an upcoming documentary about Jeffrey Lee Pierce (leader of The Gun Club) broke last week. Titled Elvis From Hell (directed by Heiko Lange and Jessica Andree), featuring interviews with artists like Nick Cave, Jack White, Debbie Harry, Iggy Pop, Jim Jarmusch, Mark Lanegan, Moby and more. The film will cover the singer/guitarist’s life and career through his death in 1996 at age 37 from causes related to heroin addiction, alcoholism, and HIV. The documentary is due out in 2020.

Source: Pitchfork.

While waiting – take a look at:

Ghost on the Highway – A biographical study of seminal punk blues singer Jeffrey Lee Pierce and his band The Gun Club by Kurt Voss.


Hardtimes Killin´Floor Blues – Set in 1992. Jeffrey Lee Pierce was living in London. Out of contract with a record label. An addict with a deteriorating health. Nick Cave stops by. Directed by Henri-Jean Debon.


Go Listen To This Playlist.

The full The Gun Club discography not available on stream. Therefor this playlist sees tracks from The Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project – a tribute initiative of three albums (so far), the fourth and final still to be released.

The cover:

The cover for The Gun Club album, “Mother Juno”, used a painting by Claus Castenskiold, a Danish-born painter. The Fall also used his art for covers on several occasions.

Cover for this Mixtape based on the painting “Blue Devil” from Claus Castenskiold.

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