I’m listening to music you can’t hear
I got pretty music in my ear
Cause I’m a punkrocker, yes I am
Well I’m a punkrocker, yes I am

Teddybears & Iggy Pop “Punkrocker”


Celebrating Iggy Pop the #1 Punkrocker!

…and his many diverse collaborations.  Spanding from Japan to Sweden. From French pop to electro. From big guns to lesser known. From to 1977 to 2018.

Two playlists – a tight 20 track playlist and an extended 72 tracks playlist.


Here´s a quick run through the short playlist:

  • Break into your heart (Post Pop Depression, 2016) / Josh Homme (USA, California), Dean Fertita (USA, Michigan) & Matt Helders (England, Sheffield)
  • Aggrophobe (single, 2017) / PINS (England, Manchester)
  • Play it safe (Soldier, 1980) / Simple Minds (Scotland) & David Bowie (England)
  • Punkrocker (Soft Machine, 2006) / Teddybears (Sweden, Stockholm)
  • How the cookie crumbles (Strangers, 2016) / Tomoyasu Hotei (Japan)
  • Kick it (Fatherfucker, 2003) / Peaches (Canada, Toronto)
  • Aisha (The Contino Session, 1999)  / Death In Vegas (England, London)
  • Stray dog (Music Complete, 2015) / New Order (England, Manchester)
  • Pain (Dark night of the soul, 2010) / Danger Mouse (USA, New York) & Sparklehorse (USA, Richmond)
  • Nobody´s City (The Jeffret Lee Pierce Sessions Project: Axels & Sockets, 2014)  / Nick Cave (Australia) & Thurston Moore (USA, Florida)
  • The Western Lands (Hashisheen: The End of the law, 1999) / Bill Laswell (USA, Illinois)
  • La Uva (A raw youth, 2015) / Le Butcherettes (Mexico,  Guadalajara)
  • China Girl (The Idiot, 1977) / David Bowie (England)
  • I´ll be seeing you (Clair Obscur, 2000) / Francoise Hardy (France, Paris)
  • La dernière pluie (Dingue, 2010) / Emmanuelle Seigner (France, Paris)
  • Don´t Loose yourself (Loneliness Road, 2017) / Jamie Saft (USA, New York), Steve Swallow (USA, New Jersey) & Bobby Previte (USA, Niagra Falls)
  • The Pure & the Damned (Good Time OST, 2017) / Oneothrix Point Never (USA, Wayland, Massachusetts)
  • Asshole rules the Navy (Son of Rouges Gallery: Pirate Ballads, Sea songs & Chanteys, 2013) / A Hawk and A Hacksaw (USA,  Albuquerque, New Mexico)
  • Nothin but time (Sun, 2012) / Cat Power (USA, Atlanta, Georgia)
  • Trapped (Teatime Dub Encounters, 2018) / Underworld (England, Romford)



iggy pop


I’m listening to the music with no fear
You can hear it too if you’re sincere

Teddybears & Iggy Pop “Punkrocker”





The longer version (year by year)



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