First guest could really not be anyone else but – The greatest man on earth.


guest thomas olsen



Introducing the man behind the music:


45, love music, craft beer, sneakers and Liverpool FC

Your taste in music in three words

Loyal indie rocker

Guest DJ
Warming up: Oasis “Rock n´roll star”
Kicking off the party: Stone Roses “Fools gold”
Dancefloor filler: Primal Scream “Rocks”
Closing time: Kent “747”

Festival line-up (dead or alive)

Love Shop (Hall, Hassing & Unmack), Oasis (line-up circa 1995 w/ White on drums), Massive Attack ( Del Naja, Daddy G and “Mushroom”), Depeche Mode (w/ Alan Wilder on keys) and Nick Cave as closing act.

Attention world – This album deserves more love

dEUS “Ideal crash”. Mistery to me, why “Ideal crash” isn´t considered one of the ten best albums in the world.

A trip down the local pub with…

David Bowie – Crazy stories. Great sense of humour.

Favourite piece of lyric

“Fanget ind i byernes lys
Jeg vil eje hvert et sekund
Alle har en drøm at befri
Hold den fast til det gør ondt”

Love Shop “Alle har en drøm at befri”

Fantasy band

Name: Thomsen All-stars

Singer: Nick Cave
Guitarist: George Harrison
Drummer: Silas Graee (Mew)
Bass: Peter Hook
Keyboard: Alan Wilder

Best cover song

Ryan Adams “Wonderwall”

Which album do you bring as a present

Love Shop “Evergreens” – Perfect introduction for The only band that really matters

Sunday morning album

Massive Attack “Mezzanine”  – goes down well with the coffee

Most played album

Love Shop “Go!” – best alltime Danish record

Three desert island albums

Love Shop “Go!”
Oasis “Definitely Maybe”
Depeche Mode “Songs of faith and devotion”

First album

Gasolin “Live sådan!” – Gift from my father, when I got my first record player
Thomas Helmig Brothers “2” – First album bought

The album that changed how you comprehend music

Depeche Mode “Black celebration” – Introduced in a summer holiday by my cousin. Later he send “Music for the masses” on tape. Music was never the same after that.

Guilty pleasure

Danish rap acts like Sivas and Ukendt Kunstner. Probably not meant for me, but when they play it on the radio – I feel it!

Album that defined your teens

“101” Depeche Mode – Had nerve, authentic, energetic – just like the teens. In my teen room I was Dave Gahan at Rose Bowl. Still love it. Best live album of all-time

Top three concerts

Love Shop/Sort Sol, Studenterhuset, Aalborg – 2002
Mikael Simpson – Studenterhuset, Aalborg – 2004
Nick Cave, Northside, Aarhus – 2013

On your record player right now

Noel Gallagher “Who built the moon” – Surprisingly good, after two mediocre albums

On the record player in your childhood home

Kim Larsen “Forklædt som voksen”

Best first track on an album

Love Shop “Alle har en drøm at befri from the album “Anti”

Best debut album

Oasis “Definitely Maybe”

Best music moment on film

Generally the use of music in Peaky Blinders. But especially the opening of season 3 combined with David Bowies “Lazarus”

Music you don´t like

Musicals. To hysterical. In general musicians who tend to be hysterical and pretentious, like the Danish act, “Bisse”. He´s just, in my opinion, a wannabe C.V. Jørgensen.

Best record cover

Jens Unmack “Vejen hjem fra RocknRoll”


A song that describes your hometown

Arcade Fire “The suburbs” – Reminds me of being underage. Buying beer at the local grocery store (he didn´t ask for ID). Driving on my moped to the party. Good times.

Best one-hit wonder

Hurricane #1 “Just another illusion”

Favourite album and song – 2017

Album: Love Shop “Risiko” – loyal to my few favourite bands, but Love Shop truly deserves it. Keeps evolving. “Risiko”, easily being a top 3 Love Shop album.
Song: The National “Carin at the Liquor Store”

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