C86 released by NME on cassette in…yes, 1986. It featured the likes of Primal Scream, The Soup Dragons, The Pastels and many more. The most indie thing to have ever existed.

This mixtape is compiled with tracks from:

c86 – NME cassette

c86 – compact digital edition

c86 – Sanctuary Records

c86 – The deluxe edition – Cherry Red Records

c87 – Deluxe 3cd box set – Cherry Red Records

c88 – Deluxe 3cd box set – Cherry Red Records

c86, c87, c88: Indie Pop Cassette Classics from the 1980´s – Cherry Red Records (Spotify playlist)





Songs from the compilations mentioned above, who could be found on stream –

a ka “c86 – Long version”



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